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Have an idea, suggestion, or issue with HIMYNAMEIS? We’re here to help! If you can’t find the answer you need in the FAQ below, contact us at for assistance.

Please also see our TERMS OF SERVICE and our PRIVACY POLICY to learn more about community rules, your rights and how we protect your data.


Our fine answers to some frequently asked questions, sorted by area.


Why does HIMYNAMEIS need my phone number?

In order to reduce unsolicited spam or scam messages and to improve your app experience, HIMYNAMEIS uses phone number verification. It gives us better options, than e-mail or Facebook signup, to make sure the app is not being misused by anyone. In addition, it makes it easier for you to use the app – no passwords to remember! And don’t worry, we will NOT call you, spam you or reveal your phone number to other members or parties.

Why does HIMYNAMEIS need to access my location?

In order to see greetings from interesting people near you, HIMYNAMEIS needs to access your location; otherwise you will just see random greetings. If you accidentally denied access to your location, go to the phone’s settings and make sure HIMYNAMEIS can access your location “While using the app”. If this doesn’t solve the issue, you can try reinstalling the app. Note: As long as you don’t delete your account, reinstalling the app won’t remove any of your matches or messages

How do I logout?

In fact, you cannot. Your account is linked to your phone so you are always logged in. This is just for your convenience and it would not make any sense to logout as long as your phone is in your hands.

Will I loose my matches and conversations if I delete the app?

As long as you don’t delete your account, removing the app won’t erase any of your matches or messages.

What happens if I loose my phone or it gets stolen?

First of all, sorry about your phone! Thieves usually throw out the SIM card immediately (the phone is harder to locate this way), wipe the device and sell it, so there isn’t much risk for the data or improper usage in case of regular petty theft. But if you have the possibility, you should wipe it’s data remotely. Check with your phone manufacturer for more information.

HIMYNAMEIS uses a combination of your phone number and a local reference file on your phone to identify you. To move this identity to another phone, please follow these steps:

  1. Contact your phone provider, so that they block your old SIM and issue a new one with your (same) number to you.
  2. Download HIMYNAMEIS to your new phone and sign up. Make sure to select the option “Already a member?” and go through the verification steps. Once you have logged in to your account on the new phone it will not be possible to open/use the app on your old phone.

What happens if I don’t use the app for a while?

We’re glad you asked! If you don’t use the app for three months your profile will not be shown to other users any more. But relax! As soon as you start using the app again you will pop up on other cool cats’ phones near you…



Umm, what should I say in my video?

Just say your name. Some people like to add some extra stuff about themselves, which is cool, but the basic idea is just to say your name. You can easily change your video later so it doesn’t need to be perfect. Just give it a try and see what happens!

Why does HIMYNAMEIS need to access my camera and sound?

HIMYNAMEIS require access your camera and sound in order for you to record a video. If you accidentally denied the app’s access to your camera/sound, go to the phone’s settings and make sure HIMYNAMEIS is allowed access. If this doesn’t solve the issue, you can try reinstalling the app. Note: As long as you don’t delete your account, reinstalling the app won’t remove any of your matches or messages.

How does it work if I want to upload a video clip

In addition to recording a video inside the app you can upload a video clip that you have in your camera roll on your phone. When uploading, you can select which time frame of the video you want to show. The duration of your clip must be between 1 to 10 seconds. Sometimes the video’s format will not match with our dimensions and we will then use the most central part of the clip. Please make sure the important content of your selected video is not placed at the edges.

What happened to my previous video?

Saving a new video will replace the previous one. You can only have one video in your account at a time. Previous videos will be permanently erased, but if you want to save the earlier one you can download it to your phone roll before you record a new one. If you later want to use the previous one again, you can upload it from your phone.



Why are my messages not going through?

If a message can’t be sent due to limited internet connectivity you will be notified. Please make sure you have a sufficient internet connection and send the message again. Unfortunately your last message may have been lost. You can also try closing and reopening the app. If the issue persists, please wait a few hours and try again.

Can I message someone I haven’t matched with?

Nope, only users that have matched can start a chat. Sorry, all stalkers!



How are the people I see sorted?

Distance is always our main criteria for sorting, but by searching for a specific tag you can sort by tag AND distance. If you see ? as distance for all users it is likely that you have not given HIMYNAMEIS access to your own position. Please check your phone’s settings.

Why do I only see people that are far away or no one at all?

We don’t have a distance filter and always show people based on the distance from you, right now. If you are on a location where we don’t have so many members (yet), or if you already have swiped most people in your city, it may happen that there are no members close to you and the app will then show members further away, or in the worst case, no one. Just be patient and return in a few days!

Who can see me?

Basically, people nearby that have your gender and age span within their search criteria can see you. If you have blocked someone they will not be able to see you (or contact you).

I accidentally left-swiped someone, can I get them back?

Only if the person records a new video he/she/other will be swipable again.

How do I turn on the sound?

Tapping on the video turns the sound on (current setting indicated in the left top corner). Tapping again turns it off.



One of my matches disappeared.

It sounds like that person either unmatched, blocked you or deleted their account. Things like this can happen, sorry.

Why don’t I get any matches?

It could be one of many reasons. First, to be able to get matches you need to record a video that other people can like. So if you haven’t, be brave and record one now!

Then you need to make sure you like a decent number of people nearby who can like you back. If you still don’t get any matches, please have a look at your Heart Rate, found under the Settings tab. If you have a low score you might want to try recording a new one. But keep the faith – it only takes two to tango!

How do I unmatch someone?

You can only unmatch people that you have matched with before. Go to the concerned profile, hit the icon (ellipsis icon) in the top right hand corner, and select “Unmatch”. You’ll now disappear from this person’s matches, the person won’t be able to message you anymore and will also disappear from your matches. The person will not be seen as a nearby swipable user anymore, unless the person records a new video.

How do I report/block someone?

You can report/block (if you report someone the person will be automatically blocked at the same time) users that you have already matched with, but also users you haven’t matched with. To report/block someone, hit the menu icon (ellipsis icon) and select “Report and block” from their profile.

Can I unblock someone?

Nope, blocking is a permanent action.



How do I edit my profile and settings?

To edit your profile or your settings, hit the Settings tab in the bottom menu (the tab most to the right with the small figure on) and select what you want to change. Clicking on your name or your profile picture takes you to your current profile.

How do I delete my account?

For security purposes, you need to delete your account yourself. Removing the app from your phone does not delete your account. If you did so, download the app again, log in and delete your account.

To cancel your account, hit the Settings icon in the bottom right hand corner (the tab with the small figure on), choose “Account” and select “Delete account”. Please tell us the main reason for leaving and tap “Delete”. Deleting your account will inactivate your account and you will no longer be a member of HIMYNAMEIS. If you log in again after deleting your account, we will create a whole new account for you.

After the removal of your account we will keep your content for maximum one year, thereafter we will erase your video, matches, messages and all other information associated with your account. We still reserve us the right to save some non-personal data for internal, statistical purposes. If you deleted your account and realise you miss us, we may be able to restore your account within the first year after deletion.

How do I change my phone number?

Hit the Settings tab in the bottom menu’s right hand corner, select “Account” and then “Change number”, hit the “Change number” button, enter your new number and press “Next”. Enter the code and select “Done”. Your account and all your matches, messages, videos and settings will now be moved to the new number.

How do I add photos?

Actually you can’t. Photos are nice, but we want HIMYNAMEIS to be all about that fresh 10 sec video, recorded inside the app, not flipping through pictures from a party five years ago when someone got that smile just right…



What are tags?

A tag is a word or phrase that you can use in your message to say more about you and what you like (e.g. #running #newyork #veganfood). Clicking on a tag will let you swipe all users that have tagged themselves with this exact tag, sorted by distance.

How do I search for a tag?

Hit the search icon on the bottom menu. On the search screen you have two options. You can select one of the trending tags or enter a tag (currently only one at a time) in the search field. This will take you to a screen where you will be able to swipe all users that have tagged themselves with this tag, sorted by distance. This is the perfect tool for finding people that you have a lot in common with. You will also be able to find users beyond your own city.



Does HIMYNAMEIS cost anything?

No siree, everything is free for everyone! All features may not be free forever, but our intention is to always keep all you need for swiping, matching and going on a date totally free. On some markets we sometimes show video commercials, just to give us something to feed on. A part of any future profits will go to charity, narrowly defined: Global Happiness Organization.

Is HIMYNAMEIS only for love-seeking singles?

We do have a lot of people searching for a partner, but also a bunch of folks who want to find new acquaintances and friends. HIMYNAMEIS is for everyone, whether you’re looking for someone to marry or a buddy who shares your interest in birdwatching.

How do I date safe?

Dating should be fun. But it should also be safe. Learn how to enjoy all of your dates safely with these tips and suggestions:

  • Tell somebody you’re going on a date
    Always let someone you trust know where you’re going — and with whom. A good idea is having a friend to check up on you during your date, whether by text message, phone call, or other means.
  • Use your own transportation
    Although it is a nice gesture if your date wants to pick you up at your place, safe dating doesn’t include allowing a relative stranger to get you at this stage of the game. Make sure not to rely on your date for transportation.
  • Meet in a public place
    The top criterion for a safe date is to meet in a public place, with other people around you. If things go well, there will be more than enough time later for some alone time together.
  • Watch your alcohol intake
    Alcohol damages judgment – something you’ll need a whole lot of when getting to know someone new for potential dating purposes. This is why limiting your intake is a safe bet for the first few encounters. If you do feel compelled to drink on a date, never leave it unattended. And try keeping it to one or two drinks at the most. If your drink tastes funny, throw it away
  • Guard your full identity
    When getting to know someone, try and keep things light and fun at the beginning. Try holding back full details about your life and identity. There’ll be plenty of time to get to know each other if the date goes well.
  • Trust your instincts
    If you feel early on like something is off, excuse yourself and text/phone a friend to come and meet you. Or politely say that you have to leave because you aren’t feeling well. These things happen, don’t worry too much about it.

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